Telegram 5.6 Released With Archived Chats, Bulk Actions, New Design, and More


Popular instant messaging app Telegram has been updated for Android users with several new features and a new design. The updated Telegram 5.6 version can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Some of the major highlights include archived chats, bulk actions, new icon, and improved usability.

The new archived chats feature is aimed at helping users clean up their chat list. Moving a chat to your archived chats folder is pretty simple. All you need to do is swipe left on a chat that you wish to move to the archived chats folder. However, an archived chat will be moved back into your chat list in case there is a new notification. If you mute the chat, it will stay archived forever. You can hide the archive from your chat list by swiping left on it. If you wish to see your archived chats again, simply drag the screen down. There is no limit on the number of chats that can be moved to the archived folder.

The other major highlight of Telegram 5.6 is the bulk actions feature. When you long tap on a chat, you will see a new menu that will let you select multiple chats at once. You can then choose to pin, mute, archive, or delete them at once.

Along with new features, the Telegram 5.6 for Android also comes with a new app icon and a new design in every menu. Some of the other improvements include a new quick forwarding button that will appear right under your thumb, more info at a glance, new streamlined sharing menu, online badges, and more.

On iOS, the new version of Telegram supports 6-digit codes in addition to the previous 4-digit and alphanumeric passcode options. iOS users will also be able to clear their recently used stickers on the latest version.