The directions of activity of the laboratories of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS in “online” mode


Because of  the quarantine regime declared in the country in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, in order to fulfill the obligations arising from the well-known order of the President of ANAS, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev, director of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives academician A.Guliyev academician Vagif Farzaliev has made an order. The order states that laboratory managers are given instructions to continue the scientific activities of the institute “online”. Thus, researchers working in laboratories will be able to collect and analyze scientific data in the field of research, write and publish scientific articles, participate in online seminars, consultations and conferences to continue their activities on the Internet.

At the same time, the scientists of the institute will prepare and send articles for the Azerbaijani Wikipedia, and information about each researcher will be posted on the Scientific Staff information portal. Information on the above achievements in each laboratory and in other areas will be posted on the institute’s website.

The Department “Patent Research and Analysis of Scientific Information” of the Institute will provide  the necessary information support to researchers.

The order states that Sadagat Shamkhalova, deputy head of the Institute’s Department of Education, is responsible for the distance education of first-year masters, the scientific and pedagogical practice of second-year doctoral students, hours of consultations with doctoral students and dissertators, and for monitoring this process, the chairman of the Council of Young scientists and specialists Afsun Sujayev has to inform the scientific secretary about the work done and achievements in the field of youth scientific activity during the quarantine period.

According to the order, the head of the Institute’s public relations department Irada Eyvazova organizes the preparation and dissemination of information on the results of the online activities of the Institute and its researchers in electronic media.