The effect of smartphones on sleep has been described


A smartphone can have a negative impact on a person’s health, including sleep. Shang Zhinan, Master of Engineering Physics, announced this on his WeChat blog.

According to the expert, the smartphone is a source of radio-magnetic radiation, but you should not be afraid of the device: “I often hear people say that strong radiation comes from the phone and you can get cancer.” However, there is currently no evidence that radiation from a smartphone can cause malignant diseases, such as cancer. Jinan said regulators set specific safety standards that gadget manufacturers must comply with. Therefore, the radiation emanating from each certified smartphone is strictly regulated.

However, smartphones and other devices indirectly affect the user’s health. Zhinan referred to the recommendations of scientists, according to which with regular refusal from gadgets 30 minutes before bedtime, the quality of rest increases within four weeks, reports