The Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS will award the winners of scientific contest dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic


On May 30, 2018 at the Institute of Chemistry of  Additives of ANAS there will be held  the ceremony of awarding the winners of the “Best Report” contest dedicated to the “100th anniversary of the formation of  Azerbaijan Democratic Republic” announced by the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists among young scientists, doctoral candidates and dissertators. Winners will be awarded diplomas and cash prizes. At the same event, a young specialist from the Institute will receive a diploma “Academician Ali Guliyev for young people”.

In this regard, on May 24, 2018, candidates who took part in the contest “The Best Scientific Report” at the Institute were represented. In accordance with the terms of the scientific competition, the members of the Expert Committee listened to reports prepared by candidates on their own scientific topics.

Young researchers presented the following reports: Aida Yusifova, junior researcher of  Laboratory of Additives for Motor Oils, “New lubricant compositions for powerful autotractor diesel engines based on regeneration of engine oils”;  researcher  of Laboratory of Additives to Fuels Ulduz Jafarova “Study of some chemical and bactericidal properties of glycid esters of the acetylene series”; doctoral candidate of Laboratory  of Physical and chemical studies of new organic compounds, additives and various compositions  Mansura Huseynova “Structure and properties of complex compounds of [2- (Aminotoxymethylhydrazone) acetic acid with transition metals”; dissertator of Laboratory  of Additives and additive compositions for transmission and industrial oils” Gunay Ismailova “Synthesis of xanthogenic acid derivatives and research as extreme pressure and antiwear additives”; junior researcher of  Laboratory of  Multifunctional additives to motor oils Khadija Mamedyarova, “Heteroatom containing modifications of alkylphenolate additive” and dissertator of Laboratory of Additives to fuels Lala Mahmudova “Development of fuel compositions based on biodiesel and traditional diesel fuel and investigation of their operational properties”.