The results of joint international research conducted by Azerbaijani scientists with foreign colleagues have been published in a prestigious foreign journal


Next article by the Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Doctor of Science in Chemistry, Associate Professor Afsun Sujayev and leading researcher, PhD in Chemistry Emin Garibov on the results of joint research with scientists from Turkey and Iran (https: //
is published in Bioorganic Chemistry.
The article is devoted to the synthesis, functional analysis, research of bioactivity and molecular docking of new cyclic thiourea-containing derivatives of aminoalcohols, which are strong inhibitors of α-glycosidase and α-amylase.
It should be noted that the journal “Bioorganic Chemistry” with an impact factor of 4.831 is included in the international scientific database Web of Science.