Twist Bioscience will record your favorite song directly to DNA


Today, there are lots of ways to store information from cloud services to “old-fashioned” methods of recording on discs or external hard drives. However, with the advancement of technology the size of the files increases, and we need a more capacious storage media. We have already talked about the fact that the company had managed to Twist Bioscience . But now the representatives of the firms report that they are ready to record any track in the DNA in order to keep it in the increasingly popular format.

Recall that a startup is printing artificial DNA and artificial gene. As a carrier of DNA information, the size of a pill can store more data than a hard disk with a capacity of several terabytes. Twist Bioscience has attracted 259 million dollar investment. Now use the services of the company can be anyone, with the only caveat that it will cost quite expensive. For example, to load in the DNA of your favorite song with a volume of only 12 megabytes, you will have to spend about 100,000 USD. But not all that bad! At the request of the Director Twist Bioscience Emily Leproust

“In the coming years the price of storing data on DNA will only fall, and by 2028 this service will cost about 10 cents. We are currently experimenting with storing the information in the genes. And data protection experience is not necessary: for all information generated backups, this means that it can be restored within a few minutes.”