Windows has learnt to get infected with viruses


A loophole has been found in Microsoft’s operating system for installing malware. This is reported by the BleepinComputer edition with reference to the cybersecurity expert Mohammad Askar.

The specialist found in one of the latest Windows updates the ability to remotely install applications using the built-in Windows Defender antivirus (“Windows Defender”). The innovation allows using the command line MpCmdRun.exe to install programs. Askar noted that the OS was actually taught to install malware on its own.

According to the expert, the good news is that Windows Defender is capable of detecting virus-infected software, even if the program facilitates its installation. However, not all third-party antiviruses can detect malicious applications. The expert joked that in this way Windows Defender was included in a long list of compromised programs through which infected software could be installed on a computer, reports