ACADEMICIAN:”Today we produce 60 chemical products”


“We are also doing some work towards increasing students’ interest in science.” This was announced to by Academician Vagif Farzaliyev, Director General of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of the Ministry of Science and Education. Speaking about the contribution of his institute to the development of the country’s economy and increasing the defense capability, the scientist-chemist touched upon several interesting points: “Ever since the times of the USSR and today we are actively engaged in the creation and organization of the production of lubricants. Our activities will also continue after that. Our lubricants are used in many areas. Our 60 types of lubricants are produced at the Pilot Industrial Plant, a resident of the High Technology Park of the Ministry of Science and Education. In addition, we have proposals for the Ministry of Defense, but due to the principle of confidentiality, I cannot disclose these proposals. “Many of our patents are for economic development.”

In his speech, the academician stated that the institute was in constant contact with educational institutions. He said that he would go to meet the students who are now on an excursion: “In addition, we are also working to increase students’ interest in science. This is how we work together with universities. We have a basic department of Baku State University. Undergraduates and graduate students come here to listen to lectures and complete the experimental part of their scientific work.

We also hold meetings in schools. Our teachers organize scientific meetings in schools. We invite schoolchildren to our institute. We organize open days so they can come and get to know the place.

“Currently, students of school No.7 are on an excursion at our institute. I will complete our conversation with you and accept them,” the academician added.